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How This Openly Gay Student Body President Helped Foster LGBT Inclusion at Notre Dame Bryan Ricketts • Notre Dame
We Can, We Will! April 15, 2015
The outpouring of support over the past month to push for statewide nondiscrimination language that protects Hoosiers on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity has been incredible.
Faith leaders, business executives and every day Hoosiers have spoken together in one clear voice: The people of Indiana are ready to move our state forward.
Freedom Indiana is as dedicated as ever to ensuring that no Hoosier faces discrimination because of who they are or whom they love.
If you still stand with us in that fight, please chip in $10 to fuel our continued efforts.
What are those efforts?
In the coming months, Freedom Indiana will work with cities and counties to adopt comprehensive nondiscrimination policies at the local level in order to provide important protections for LGBT Hoosiers until they are passed at the statewide level. 
At the same time, we will look forward to 2016 as we work with the business community to push for a statewide nondiscrimination law that will permanently ensure protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity and make other changes to RFRA to ensure it cannot be used to discriminate.
This is not just an LGBT issue or an economic development issue or a recruitment issue: It’s a Hoosier issue. Our strength is not just in numbers, but in the many voices we bring together when something has the potential to harm the state we love.
If you’re committed to ensuring these Hoosier values are reflected in our laws, contribute $10 today to support the next phase of Freedom Indiana’s work.
This needless chapter of Indiana political history has severely damaged the reputation of our warm, welcoming state. It will take more than basic nondiscrimination protections to undo the damage.
Together, we can – and will – make those changes. And we won’t rest until every LGBT Hoosier is fully protected under the law.