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Warning: RFRA 2.0 January 21, 2016

The email below was sent to Freedom Indiana supporters this morning by Deputy Campaign Manager Katie Blair.

We’re sounding the alarm.

Yesterday, Indiana lawmakers scheduled hearings next Wednesday on two short-sighted bills (SB100 & SB344) that harm LGBT Hoosiers. Then late last night, they muddied the waters even more by scheduling a hearing that same day for SB66—aka RFRA 2.0.

You remember how bad RFRA was? Well, SB66 is even worse. It would repeal the existing RFRA law and replace it with an even more heinous measure that makes it easier than ever to discriminate against LGBT Hoosiers.

Under SB66, an individual or business could ignore LGBT non-discrimination laws on the books in 13 Indiana municipalities to discriminate against LGBT Hoosiers—and it would be perfectly legal.

Tell lawmakers: No way. The last thing Indiana needs is a RFRA 2.0. Stop SB66—and let’s start moving our state forward by considering legislation that truly protects LGBT Hoosiers.

No one can possibly deny that the passage of RFRA last April was a dark, dark time for our state. Billions of dollars of revenue down the drain, #BoycottIndiana trending on Twitter worldwide and Indiana’s reputation tarnished beyond immediate repair—it defies all logic that anyone, especially our elected leaders, would consider repeating such a tragedy.

But when Senators consider SB66 on Wednesday morning, that’s exactly what they’ll do: Jolt Indiana into the harsh national spotlight, once again—all at the expense of the hardworking LGBT people who already lack any protection under the laws of the the state we call home.

It’s all too familiar, and I refuse to stand by as a handful of fringe, reckless lawmakers play politics with the livelihood of our state—again. I know you do too.

This is a mistake Indiana absolutely cannot afford to repeat. Rush an urgent message to lawmakers: Stop RFRA 2.0 immediately—and advance legislation to protect, not harm, LGBT Hoosiers.

It’s despicable that lawmakers would even consider going down this road again. Thanks, as always, for taking a stand.

Katie Blair
Deputy Campaign Manager

P.S. Right after Wednesday’s hearing on SB66—and right before hearings on SB100 and SB 344—hundreds of Hoosiers will rally in the Statehouse to show lawmakers that we support FULL protections, not these misguided bills. Click here to say you’ll join us at12:15 at the Statehouse!