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How This Openly Gay Student Body President Helped Foster LGBT Inclusion at Notre Dame Bryan Ricketts • Notre Dame
Support Our Work in 2017! All Donations Matched Through Dec. 31! December 12, 2016

In the aftermath of this year’s election, the future of LGBT rights in Indiana is more uncertain than ever. And when we look to the 2017 legislative session, the fact is: We simply don’t know what to expect from the Statehouse in 2017.

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So that means we have to be ready—for anything. If an anti-transgender “bathroom bill” is introduced, we have to be ready to mobilize. If another religious refusal bill like RFRA is discussed? We have to do everything in our power to defeat it.

Thankfully, a generous donor is stepping up. Starting right now, they’ll match all donations made to Freedom Indiana, up to $8,000. Please pitch in $10 now to make sure we’re prepared for the battles ahead.

In the face of uncertainty, we can’t—and we won’t—sit around and simply hope for the best. There’s just too much at stake. We HAVE to make sure this campaign is strong enough to stop whatever attacks on LGBT Hoosiers may be thrown our way in 2017.

I remember all too well the pain we all felt when lawmakers strong-armed RFRA and made our state the laughing stock of the nation. Under no circumstances can we let ANY anti-LGBT legislation like that gain traction in Indiana ever again.

Unfortunately, the national trends are clear: Anti-LGBT forces are more emboldened than ever—and we have to anticipate that discriminatory legislation will undoubtedly be introduced in Indiana in 2017.

But remember this: We will NEVER let an attack on LGBT Hoosiers go unanswered. Our movement finds our strength in the unwavering resolve of Hoosiers like you who will never stop making the case—from the halls of our Statehouse to the local communities we call home—that discrimination has no place in this state that we love so dearly.

Help us prepare for 2017 by pitching in now!