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Freedom Indiana joins opposition to Indiana bill that would encourage discrimination February 23, 2015

Religious Freedom Restoration Act is “solution in search of a problem,” creates potential for significant harm to Hoosiers

INDIANAPOLIS — Freedom Indiana, the grassroots effort that successfully defeated a constitutional amendment defining marriage last year, today announced it will join those opposing legislation this session that would encourage discrimination and make it harder for businesses to operate in Indiana.

Freedom Indiana includes more than 50,000 Hoosiers who believe our state must be a welcoming place to live, work and visit. 

“We believe our state should promote and protect religious liberty in a way that respects all Hoosiers. This bill does not accomplish that. Rather, it would bring potentially harmful, discriminatory and unintended consequences to those who call our state home,” said Freedom Indiana campaign manager Katie Blair, who has been detailed to the campaign from the ACLU of Indiana, where she serves as Director of Advocacy.

“This legislation is a solution in search of a problem that will disrupt our economic growth, invite costly legal challenges and make our state appear unwelcoming to visitors and residents alike.”

The proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) mirrors language that other states have rejected because it invites discrimination, especially against those who identify as LGBT. Indiana currently does not protect LGBT Hoosiers from discrimination, though some cities have adopted such protections at the local level. 

Freedom Indiana joins those companies and organizations that already have testified against RFRA this session, including Cummins, the Indiana Chamber the Indy Chamber and the Jewish Community Relations Council. 

The RFRA bill is expected to be heard on second reading in the Indiana Senate this afternoon.