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Will the NCAA Speak Out? March 26, 2015
ncaaIt’s only been a few hours since Gov. Pence, while hiding from the Hoosiers who oppose this law, signed the “license to discriminate” bill into law, and the consequences continue to roll in.

Already, Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, has said he will no longer send Salesforce employees to Indiana, because they could face state-sanctioned discrimination. Now, in nine days, all eyes will be on Indiana again as the Final Four begins.
Today, we’re calling on the NCAA to speak out against this discriminatory law – as they have spoken out for fairness in the past – and we need you to join us.
Click here to add your name to our petition right now calling on NCAA leaders to take a stand against this horrific “license to discriminate” law.

We can’t miss this opportunity to highlight the real harm this law is already causing.
Coaches and athletes from across the country, and spectators from around the world, will convene in Indiana in a little over a week – and because of the cloud cast over our state by this bill, many of them will wonder if they’re going to be discriminated against.
Last year, the NCAA did the right thing and opposed the discriminatory constitutional amendment, HJR-3. Now it’s time for the NCAA to do the right thing again and make it clear that they don’t support discrimination against anyone.
Click here to add your name to our NCAA petition right now.
I know the last few days have been frustrating; we’ve been ignored by legislators and ignored by the governor. But, don’t get discouraged, that’s what our opponents want.
Instead, let’s keep fighting.