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How This Openly Gay Student Body President Helped Foster LGBT Inclusion at Notre Dame Bryan Ricketts • Notre Dame
Restoring Hope: Winning Non-Discrimination in 2016 July 1, 2015

A message from our campaign manager, Katie Blair:

Today, Indiana’s misguided “RFRA” legislation officially took effect.

While the final version of this law is less harmful than it could have been thanks to your help, it still runs counter to our shared Hoosier values of freedom and fairness.

Alongside leaders from Indiana’s business community, faith leaders and everyday Hoosiers like you and me, we stood up to those who wanted to use the law to divide and discriminate – and we built a winning movement. But the fight is far from over.

RFRA exposed the fact that LGBT Hoosiers can still be fired, denied housing or turned away from a public place for being who they are. 

Can you chip in to ensure we can build a winning campaign to update Indiana’s non-discrimination laws to secure protections for LGBT Hoosiers in 2016?

Together, we can build on our successes over the past two years and make sure our state truly welcomes ALL Hoosiers. 

There can be no doubt that RFRA has hurt our state’s reputation around the country, but you and I know: This law doesn’t reflect the values of the majority of people in Indiana.

We know that in our hearts – and we’ve seen it in multiple public polls.

It’s time to bring the law in line with our values by guaranteeing that no hardworking Hoosier can be denied service, kicked out of their home or fired from their job because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Please, chip in today to fund the fight in the 2016 legislative session to protect ALL Hoosiers from discrimination.

While today is a disappointing day in Indiana history, you and I both know we’ve got brighter days ahead

With supporters like you, I know we will continue to fight for freedom and fairness for all Hoosiers.