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Recent Victories

September 19 Victory in Tippecanoe County! On September 19th, the entirely Republican Tippecanoe County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to update the county's non-discrimination laws to protect transgender Hoosiers! Say Thanks
September 6 Victory in Lafayette! On September 6th, the Lafayette City Council voted unanimously (8-0) to adopt local transgender-inclusive non-discrimination protections. Read More
May 24 Victory in Valpo! On May 24th, the Valparaiso City Council voted 5-2 to pass a comprehensive human rights ordinance protecting LGBT Hoosiers from discrimination. Read More
March 15 Victory in Kokomo! After months of pushing from local advocates, the Kokomo City Council voted 5-4 to pass an LGBT-inclusive Human Rights Ordinance Read More
February 23 Victory in Evansville! The Evansville City Council voted 7-2 to update the city's existing human rights ordinance strengthening protections for LGBT people in employment, housing and public accommodations. Read More
October 5 Victory in Carmel! The Carmel City Council passes a comprehensive LGBT non-discrimination ordinance with strong bipartisan support Read More
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Fort Wayne

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Hoosiers Speaking Out for Non-Discrimination Protections

"I've always been proud to live in Muncie. But when the City Council passed a comprehensive LGBT non-discrimination law, I was prouder than ever to call this community home. Just as Muncie welcomes everyone, I do too as a small business owner. It just makes sense to be open for business to all, not just some!" Jodi Moisan • Owner, Washington Street Toy Emporium • Muncie
"When I was 11, my family was the first African-American family to move to Valparaiso. So now, it's poetic justice, that I cast my vote to extend equal protections to our LGBT neighbors and friends under the laws of our city. We have this opportunity to write the next chapter in Valparaiso's history." Robert "Bob" Cotton • City Councilman • Valparaiso

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Hoosiers Covered by Non-Discrimination Protections

30.2% Total Hoosiers with Full HRO Coverage: 1,913,013
8.1% Total Hoosiers with Partial HRO Coverage: 532,425
38.3% Total Hoosiers with Covered By Some Kind of HRO: 2,527,416