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Freedom Indiana responds to House passage of Senate Bill 101 March 23, 2015
INDIANAPOLIS — Freedom Indiana, the statewide organization fighting Senate Bill 101, the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act, issued the following statement today after House lawmakers voted 63-31 to approve the legislation. 
Because it was amended in House committee, the bill must return to the Senate for concurrence or dissent. If the Senate concurs with the amendment, it will then head to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for signature or veto. 
“We’re extremely disappointed that 63 members of the Indiana House suddenly believe we need a new law to protect religious freedom that’s been enshrined in our Constitution for centuries. 
“We all know Senate Bill 101 is about creating a license for some Hoosiers to discriminate against others in the name of faith, and we all understand that the law’s unintended consequences could harm LGBT Hoosiers, undercut our economic growth and put our children at risk. 
“We turn our attention now to Governor Pence who, like Governor Jan Brewer in Arizona, has the ability to stop this dangerous bill dead in its tracks when it hits his desk. 
“When Governor Brewer vetoed the Arizona RFRA last year, she clearly stated that ‘religious liberty is a core American and Arizona value. So is non-discrimination’
“Will Governor Pence send the message that Indiana is open for business, or will our new message be that Hoosier hospitality is just an empty slogan?”
This statement can be attributed to Freedom Indiana campaign manager Katie Blair.