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College scholar to leave Indiana if RFRA passes in House Morgan Mohr • Kokomo
Today on the House Floor March 19, 2015
attackToday on the House floor, supporters of RFRA made no effort to hide what this misguided bill is really about: Discrimination under the guise of religious beliefs.
Proponents of SB 101 rejected amendments clarifying the most troubling parts of this harmful bill:
  • They voted against clarifying protections for Indiana children.
    • They defeated attempts to protect existing civil rights laws—including laws in 12 municipalities protecting LGBT Hoosiers from discrimination.
  • They affirmed that businesses should have a “license to discriminate” using their religious beliefs as they see fit.
Unbelievable. That’s not the Indiana way—and the failure to address these critical, commonsense issues is insulting to the thousands of real Hoosiers, of all political parties, who have raised concerns about this bill.
Contact your legislator right now and ask them to reject this harmful bill, which would open the door to discrimination in Indiana and could have harmful impacts on child welfare, civil rights and our economy.
The House will have another opportunity to do the right thing when the bill comes up for its third and final reading in the coming days.
For months, supporters of this bill have claimed it has nothing to do with discrimination. But today, they showed their true colors, rejecting amendments that would have made that clear.
Instead of having a real debate about the concerns that many have raised with this bill, some legislators muscled this bill through, rejecting all amendments and refusing to let our voices be heard.
This is a serious issue, and it deserves serious consideration, not lies. And it shouldn’t be rushed through the legislative process, steamrolling debate.
Contact your Representative right now and ask them to oppose this dangerous bill on the final House vote.
What happened today was disappointing. But because of the work we’re doing together, more and more Hoosiers are seeing RFRA for what it truly is: A “license to discriminate.”  
Let’s dig in, together, and stop this bill once and for all.