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Alert: Harmful Anti-Transgender Legislation (HB 1361) Introduced in Indiana January 13, 2017

A harmful anti-transgender bill was just introduced in Indiana.

HB 1361, introduced by Rep. Bruce Borders, would make it impossible for transgender Hoosiers to update birth certificates and other identity documents to match the gender they live every day. (CLICK HERE to read the full text of the bill.)

FI_HB 1361_TW (1)

In short: This bill singles out transgender Hoosiers to make their lives harder. An accurate birth certificate that reflects a person’s gender is the first step towards obtaining a state-issued ID and other documents that all Hoosiers need to apply for jobs, find housing, enroll in school and so much more.

Currently, Indiana allows the Division of Vital Statistics to correct gender markers on a birth certificate with a court order.

In addition to prohibiting courts from correcting a person’s gender marker on a birth certificate, House Bill 1361 also creates a searchable, permanent record, that could be used to target transgender individuals for discrimination and harassment.

Our campaign manager Chris Paulsen released a statement today urging lawmakers to reject this legislation—which has no purpose other than enshrining anti-transgender discrimination in Indiana law:

“This discriminatory bill is completely unnecessary. If passed, HB 1361 would further harm Indiana’s already damaged reputation as an open and welcoming state.”

While this mean-spirited bill is about birth certificates, the broader intent is clear: Stripping transgender people of the most basic and fundamental dignity.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more from the Statehouse. In the meantime, click here to pitch in a few dollars to ensure we have the resources we need to fight back against attacks on LGBT Hoosiers. You can also click here to sign our pledge against HB 1361 and other anti-transgender bills.