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College scholar to leave Indiana if RFRA passes in House Morgan Mohr • Kokomo
No half steps. Protect LGBT Hoosiers now! April 1, 2015

BusHalf steps won’t cut it.

This morning, legislative leaders and Governor Mike Pence announced they’ve reached a supposed “compromise” on RFRA. But trust me: this is no compromise.

The agreement published by the Indy Star includes NO protections for LGBT Hoosiers and addresses only some of the serious concerns in RFRA. Under their supposed “compromise” RFRA can still be used to undermine critical existing civil rights protections.

Tell House Speaker Brian Bosma and Senate President David Long now and tell them we aren’t backing down. Click here to message Indiana’s legislative leaders and ask them to protect civil rights for LGBT Hoosiers.

The last six days have been an unprecedented nightmare for the state of Indiana. Why? Because lawmakers jammed through a shameful, dangerous law—hoping no one would notice.

Apparently they haven’t learned their lesson. Because now, legislative leaders and the Governor are scrambling to cut a quick inadequate deal, in hopes that they can wipe their hands clean and simply move on.

But six days of national spotlight have made one thing undeniably clear: RFRA is—and has always been—about discrimination. And Indiana’s reputation and economy have suffered nearly irreparable damage.

As the Indy Star said today, half steps won’t fix this tragedy. Indiana’s lawmakers must advance legislation preserving existing civil rights protections right now and Indiana must protect LGBT Hoosiers from discrimination under our state’s civil rights law—right now.

Tell Speaker Bosma and President Long: We demand concrete action to protect LGBT Hoosiers. Click here to call on Indiana’s leaders to preserve existing civil rights laws and protect LGBT Hoosiers from discrimination under statewide law.

They think we’re going to back down and accept this half-fix compromise. But we won’t.

We demand that lawmakers take real action to protect LGBT Hoosiers from discrimination—without delay.