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Freedom Indiana responds to Governor Pence’s desire to “clarify” license to discriminate March 28, 2015
INDIANAPOLIS — Late this evening, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence told the Indianapolis Star that he will introduce legislation to “clarify” Senate Bill 101, the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act he signed into law this week.
The law, the first of its kind to be signed following the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, has sparked statewide and national backlash from business executives, athletes, celebrities and others as Indianapolis prepares to host the Final Four next weekend. 
Today, Angie’s List, a publicly traded tech company located in Indianapolis, announced it would not pursue a headquarters expansion that would add 1,000 jobs because of the law.
Freedom Indiana campaign manager Katie Blair issued the following statement in response to the Governor’s announcement:
“Governor Pence didn’t listen last week when he signed this discriminatory law into effect, and he’s still not listening to the growing chorus of criticism locally and nationally. While we appreciate his recognition that he’s placed our state in peril, he’s obviously trying to have it both ways. 
“You can’t ‘clarify’ discrimination. Indiana now has billions of dollars and thousands of jobs on the line, all because the Governor wouldn’t stop this dangerous bill. He has a second chance to save our reputation for Hoosier hospitality, but he has to stand up and protect LGBT Hoosiers. 
“Discrimination is not a core Hoosier value, and we can’t afford to let our state continue to suffer. Please, Governor, listen to the voices of common sense and reason trying to get through to you. Fix the bill to protect all Hoosiers, and make it clear our state is open for business again.”
Freedom Indiana is a grassroots organization of more than 60,000 Hoosiers committed to fighting Senate Bill 101. Last year, the group successfully pushed back Indiana’s constitutional marriage amendment.