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I Wanted a Safe Workplace In Which I Could Transition Kathrynne • Indianapolis
Hoosiers Need Immediate Protections from Discrimination July 23, 2015

A new federal bill aimed at prohibiting discrimination against LGBT people is bringing much needed attention to the important work we’ve been doing in Indiana to protect all people from discrimination. We’re glad that this issue is front and center on the national stage, as it has been here in the Hoosier state for months.

We also know that nothing will happen overnight and that we can’t count on Washington to immediately solve this pressing issue — that’s why we won’t let up on our efforts to continue passing local Human Rights Ordinances and to build support for the passage of a statewide non-discrimination law that protects LGBT Hoosiers in every town and city in our state.

Our campaign manager, Katie Blair said this about the new bill, “”This is a step in the right direction nationally, but we can’t rely on Congress to do the right thing. We need to enact these protections the Hoosier way and make sure they are delivered in the upcoming legislative session so the nation and world know, especially on the heels of our RFRA debacle, that Indiana is open to everyone.”

We know that LGBT people in Indiana shouldn’t have to wait a day longer to be protected from discrimination and that means pursuing every opportunity we have to secure local, statewide and federal protections.

Thanks to the hard work of supporters like you, we’re seeing progress every day as more communities discuss and pass local Human Rights Ordinances and as more Hoosiers come to understand that no hard-working person our state should face the loss of their job or their home because of who they are.