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How This Openly Gay Student Body President Helped Foster LGBT Inclusion at Notre Dame Bryan Ricketts • Notre Dame
Depts. of Justice, Education rescind guidance protecting transgender students February 23, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS — Last night, the Departments of Justice and Education rescinded a 2016 guidance that instructed schools to protect transgender students from discrimination. Though not legally binding, the guidance was based on legal precedence. It instructed schools on how to comply with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and directed them to allow transgender students access to restrooms that align with their gender identity.

Chris Paulsen, campaign manager for Freedom Indiana, released the following statement regarding the recension: 

“Freedom Indiana is disappointed by the actions taken by the Departments of Justice and Education. Every student deserves a fair chance to succeed in school in order to prepare for the future, including our transgender students. 

“Transgender students, like all students, want to receive their education in a environment that is safe, fair and conducive to learning. The 2016 guidance was intended to ensure just that. 

“While last night’s recension was disappointing, it is important to remember that transgender students protections under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution and Title IX’s prohibition on discrimination on the basis of sex. Federal laws that are used to protect transgender students have not changed, and school districts across the country must still comply with the law. 

“Freedom Indiana will continue to work with local school systems to help insure that transgender students are treated fairly and given the best opportunity to succeed.”