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College scholar to leave Indiana if RFRA passes in House Morgan Mohr • Kokomo
5,500 Hoosiers call on Governor-elect to stand against LGBT discrimination November 22, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS — This morning, Freedom Indiana delivered petitions from 5,500 Hoosiers calling on Governor-elect Eric Holcomb to support legislation protecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals from discrimination.

“As Governor, you have a chance to restore Indiana’s reputation by working alongside the majority of fair-minded people across the state to affirm that Hoosier Hospitality isn’t just a thing we talk about—it’s who we are at our core,” part of the petition to Holcomb reads. “Please stand firm against any attempt to discriminate against LGBT Hoosiers and as you set forth your agenda upon taking office, affirm your support adding gender identity and sexual orientation protections to our civil rights law.”

In 2015, now Vice President-elect Mike Pence signed RFRA into law, allowing public businesses and individuals to unfairly fire someone from the job, deny them housing or public services based solely on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Since the law was enacted, the state has lost nearly $60 million in economic investment.

“Our state’s economy, reputation and the lives of LGBT people have been harmed because of this dangerous and discriminatory law. We must take steps to ensure that everyone is welcome to live and work in Indiana,” Chris Paulsen, campaign manager for Freedom Indiana said.

The petition was signed by individuals from every corner of the state, and from all walks of life, including people of faith, business owners, and conservatives and liberals alike.

“The vast majority of Hoosiers want to turn the page on this dark time in our state,” Paulsen added. “Gov.-elect Holcomb has the opportunity to repair the damage that has been done to Indiana and our brand of Hoosier hospitality by ensuring LGBT individuals are protected from discrimination.”