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Gov Pence Still Can’t Answer One Simple Question February 11, 2016

He STILL can’t give an answer.

Today at a Town Hall in Kokomo, Governor Pence was asked the same yes or no question he’s dodged more times than we can count: Should it be legal to discriminate against LGBT Hoosiers?

Did he finally give a yes or no answer? Hardly. Once again, the Governor tried to have it both ways. After more than a year of this issue dominating public discourse and his promise to give it thorough consideration, Governor Pence STILL can’t answer a very simple, straight-forward question.

Unbelievable. Watch the video now and then be sure to share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter:

If Governor Pence thought this issue would just go away because lawmakers lacked the courage to advance LGBT protections this year, he couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Because even if he refuses to answer, Hoosiers won’t stop asking the obvious question. If the Governor truly believes, as he said today, that “no one should ever be discriminated against,” then why does he flat-out refuse to support a simple solution to add “sexual orientation, gender identity” to our state’s civil rights law.

Let’s make sure the Governor and members of the General Assembly have no doubt in their minds: We aren’t going anywhere until our state law fully protects LGBT Hoosiers.