HELP US DEFEND FREEDOM IN INDIANA The so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) would give individuals and businesses a license to discriminate against LGBT Hoosiers under the guise of religious beliefs. Stand with the majority of Hoosiers who believe discrimination is wrong by adding your name now.
FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION Freedom Indiana believes our state should promote religious liberty in a way that respects all Hoosiers. Freedom from discrimination is a core American and Hoosier value.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act would bring potentially harmful and unintended consequences to those who call our state home, and we must not pass laws that would disrupt our economic growth, invite costly legal challenges and make our state appear unwelcoming to visitors and residents alike.

As Americans, we are strong because we embrace many faiths and protect every individual's right to worship. Faith, however, is not a weapon to be used against others. It is a thread that weaves together the diverse fabric of our state and nation.

Freedom of religion already is enshrined in our Constitution, a fundamental right to be cherished. RFRA is unnecessary and creates a license to discriminate where equality should instead prevail.

Please join Freedom Indiana as we continue to ensure that Indiana is open for business and welcoming to all who call our state home.
TELL YOUR LAWMAKERS: NO LICENSE TO DISCRIMINATE IN INDIANA Send a message now urging your lawmakers to reject RFRA—legislation that would damage Indiana's reputation, harm our economic growth and have real consequences for hardworking Hoosier families.

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